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She's a carpool mom.  A revolon blonde.

And she thinks that she's so real.

So then why does she conceal the color of her hair,

And wear fake fingernails.  And tell tale rumors of a boob job too.

So who's she trying to fool?  The other mom's that drive the pool?

Or maybe just herself.  Because her mental health

Is what keeps her looking young.

And she just turned forty one.  Has two daughters and a son.

And a husband,  his names Tom.  And she's a carpool mom.

Sports some no drug bumper sticker on the bumper of her van.

She's got prozac in her purse, and a cigarette in her hand.

Drinks black coffee every morning.  Gin and tonic after dark.

Keeps her Sleep-ease in the night stand.

Loves her husband he's a NARC.

And she's a carpool mom.  Chaperoned the ninth grade prom.

Wore a ribbon on her dress, that says that she protest

The use of drugs like smack and cannabis.

Cause to her they're both the same,

And she pops a pill into her brain.

Who let her in this game anyway.  They've told her what to say.

And besides, her valium keep her calm.

And she's a carpool mom. With diet pills clenched in her palm.

And with that tight clenched fist insist drug users should be jailed.

Denied bail. Nailed to the cross.  That'll show 'em who's the boss.

Toss away the key, then maybe they'll see that we mean business.

And she witnesses at her church.  Can recite every single verse

Of chapter 23 Book of Plasms.  And she's a carpool mom.

A real human time bomb in this war on drugs.

She serves icy mugs of beer and cheery wine coolers,

With fruity flavors.  Takes some pill her neighbor gave her

Cures whatever ails ya.

Hell she doesn't even know where they came from,

And she's a car pool mom. Any slight doldrum requires

A quick pick me up.  A cup of caffeine in between

Drags of nicotine, give her hands something to do.

And she still hasn't got a clue that she's a drug user too!

So my question is the same, who let her in this game anyway.

And don't say shame on you and tell me to stay calm

When there are hypocrites out there like the car pool mom.


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