He's just a mellow hippie.  Sipping herbal tea. 

Snacking cheese and wheat thins.  Binges of pot. Not paraquat.

  Fresh pot from soil he had toiled over for years.

Cheers serves 80 proof vermouth.

With olives or onions very dry, or why ask why.

It's okay to sip the sauce.  Or toss a few back at happy hour.

Whiskey sour and a beer here, please.

Uptight alcohol.  Small doses change a brain so quickly.

But strictly speaking, bikinis sell beer.

And 12 year old scotch by girls in pearls and black evening gowns.

So why frown upon an humble weed of proper caring.

Or the sharing of a joint.  It's okay to anoint the birth of a child,

Or a marriage with a toast.  Or to boast of one's consumption.

Cause Cheers sells legal fun.  Rum and coke.

But how dare you smoke a joint.  Their point is lame.

The same as before.  Even though pot saves a sick patient,

Still lies from this nation prefer to hide the truth,

As if it were Viet Nam.  We say it calms. They say not.

But which of the white hairs will ever admit to having inhaled pot?

They've not forgotten whiskey and eggnog to praise the baby Jesus.

No reason for a drink at night.  So what right do they have to say

One is good and the other bad.  Put a little Bailey's in your coffee.

For a creamy liquid toffee.  But the right wing disapproves

When a doob adds to one's groove. 

Cause Cheers serves Whiskey neat.  Till you fall right out your seat.

It's the way a vendor must compete to keep his doors a swingin'.

And singing songs around the ivories. 

With a drink to toast the memories other times of beer and wines.

And he's just a mellow hippie.  Sipping herbal tea.

Serving 1 to 3 for a felony garden of pot.

So do not get the two confused.  Booze is legal.

Pot is not.  Go figure. Wake up America, and realize,

The time is now to re-legalize.

Stop the war on drugs.