Passport to Travel







My first passport was issued in less than three hours after application. I had just returned from my first trip to Greenland, and the next job was in Iceland. Neither Tim Norris, nor I had a passport. So on a stop in Washington D.C. Tim, and I, went about getting the passports we needed in order to go see the world. My family was in D.C. that summer visiting my mother's family, so when Tim and I got off the plane we were greeted by my mom and dad, and my three sisters. My mother grew up in Washington D.C., and so my folks knew how to get around the city. It was good to see my family after being away from home for the last two or three months. I was fresh out of the nest. Well there really isn't a big story here.  I received this passport and Tim got his. We spent a few days in Washington D.C. with all my relatives, and then met back up with Pappy Eastwood and headed for Iceland.


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